Blogs I follow

Blogs I follow

Following my last blog someone asked me what some of the blogs that I followed were and I thought it cool to share some of my favorite sites and blogs. I also thought I would talk about some of the key things I look for in a good blog or what makes a credible source of information.

First I will start with some of my favorite blogs and sites. Here they are in no particular order.

- - This is great gadget site. These guys are always on top of the latest technology news and gizmo's. There are tons of links that talk about everything under the sun regarding tech stuff and some that don't. I like this site and other's like it because it helps me keep a finger on the pulse of all things tech. What's the next big thing? You can find out here. Great site to get your geek fix and get your technolust on!

- - Great seat of the pants marketing site full of blogs vetted by the Duct Tape Marketing folks. This is a broad site with tons of different contributing editors. That means you will have to read around a bit to familiarize yourself with the site and what it has to offer. As with a lot of sites like this you will need to filter out the ok authors from the really good one's. Click the about us link to learn more about the site.

- - Fast Company is really better in a magazine, but for some reason they stopped sending me a free subscription! I enjoy the fast paced quality to the website, but what really draws me are the new and unique entrepreneurial stories. I really enjoy hearing about what new companies are doing out there.

- Fortune Small Business - I really don't like CNN, but I do like Fortune Small Business. They have a lot of interviews with SMB owners and I really like that. I like hearing their perspective and I have found the magazine to be fairly balanced. The coolest thing they do is bring in 3 business experts to help a floundering business. The experts give their advice and then they come back a year later and check up on the business. Very interesting!

- The Name Tag Guy - If you haven't heard of this guy... you will soon. I have recently discovered him and he is a wealth of information on marketing and business in general. I find his blogs extremely helpful.

Well let me stop there for now. I will give you more as I can. Let just take a second and talk about how to identify an expert.

- First they should love what they do. Find some one who loves what they do and you have an expert my friend! They won't be able to help it! They will love the stuff so much that it will be in them.

- Second, if someone can take something complicated and make it simple? They are an expert. That is what happens with people who know their stuff.

- Third, find someone with the heart of a teacher. If they want you to pay for all kinds of secrets or they aren't really getting to the heart of a matter quickly, don't waste your time. Find someone who will teach because they love it! (Point number one!)

Josh Cochran, RCDD

President of Diverse CTI, Josh has over 10 years of experience in telecommunications and IT services. An expert in the industry he is a Registered Communications Distribution Designer, a certification he has held with BICSI since 2004. Josh consults various national companies and speaks at several national events and conferences. Find out more about Josh.

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