What is Google Apps?

With Google Apps you can streamline your core business communication and integrate it with shared calendars, documents and even mobile devices. Google Apps creates a collaborative workspace online that multiple users can utilize. The workspace includes email, calendars, documents, web sites and more. The best part? It can be entirely free! For businesses with 10 users or less that don't need the premier features - this solution is an unbeatable alternative to other webmail alternatives!

Comparison Case

 This case compares Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps Premier Version for a company with 10 employees.

  Google Apps Premier Edition Microsoft Exchange 2007
  Up-front cost
Total server hardware cost ($5,000 USD per server) 0 10,000
  Total Microsoft Exchange software licensing cost 0 3,193
  Configuration labor cost 1,500 2,920
  Total up-front cost $1,500 $16,113
  Annual cost
  Google Apps Premier Edition licenses 500 0
  Total infrastructure maintenance cost 0 2,298
  Administration labor cost 3,167 35,953
  Total annual cost $3,667 $38,251
  Total cost (over 3 years) $12,509 $130,866
  Annual cost per employee (over 3 years) $417 $4,362
  Annual cost per employee (over 3 years, excluding labor) $50 $670