The Future of Computers

The Future of Computers

This is a great video on the future and past of computing. Check it out!

Trillions from MAYAnMAYA on Vimeo.

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1. Melani wrote:
You can connect as many cotpumers as you want.The box you refer to is the high-speed modem. That's the device that is directly connected to your ISP, and is the ONLY device directly connected.This modem is called your gateway to the internet.When you connect a single computer to the internet, you use an ethernet cable to connect your computer to the modem, which has a single ethernet port.However, if you have more than one computer, you can plug what's called a hub to the modem instead, and then plug your cotpumers into the hub.Most hubs have 4 ports, but you can get them with 6 or 10, and even more if you look around.If you have more cotpumers than you have ports, you can plug another hub into the first hub. This is called daisy chaining .Suppose you had 5 cotpumers. and let's also suppose you happen to have two 4-port hubs. You would plug a hub into the gateway. This gives you 4 ports to the connection.Now you would plug 3 cotpumers into the hub.In the 4th port, you would plug another hub.Now you can connect the other 2 cotpumers to this second hub.If you get more cotpumers, this process can be repeated.This is the simplest workable method. There CAN be problems if all the cotpumers are being used at the same time using this method. These particular problems can be solved using a router, but that gets a little more complex.I've connected 3 cotpumers at a time using a single 4-port hub with no problems.

Mon, October 29, 2012 @ 5:44 AM

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