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  • My Experience of Drilling Down to the Reality of a Matter

    I want to go deeper into developing your ability to drill down to the reality of a matter because it is actually a spiritual skill I would like to see more people experience.


    Let me start by restating something in the article.  "The ancient Greek word for "truth" (Alethiea) is the same word for "reality".  In today's business culture, truth and reality are not generally perceived to be the same.  We equate truth with facts - proven, tested, reliable, knowledge.  We associate reality with what is genuine, authentic, the intrinsic essence of a matter." 


    One of my co-workers told a story about a visit he had with a client who had some very important, instructive things to say about some work we did for them.  He prayerfully, and actively listened, restating their feeling to them with passion and conviction.  The result was very positive.  We learned what trips their trigger and they will, in return, get exceptional service.  This is what makes fuels our fire and produces raving fans. 


    I enjoy genuine things.  I enjoy genuine people.  I like getting into genuine fellowship where people really open up.  I enjoy real opportunities.  I like statesmen.  I enjoy helping people who know they need help.  I enjoy receiving help from people who genuinely want to help me.  I like a doctor who will yell at me and tell me how important it is that I should change my behavior.  I like having several people in my life who will lovingly tell me I messed up and then coach me on what I should have done instead.  I like being reaffirmed by people I trust.  I like unseen qualities, character, virtues, and attributes.  I like light.  I enjoy worship.  I enjoy prayer and musing over verses in the Bible. I love matters of eternal significance.  This is reality.


    I don't like small talk.  I don't like hob-knobbing.  I don't like politicians.  I don't like having a teacher who has no experience in their field.  I don't like sales people who have their own gains as their focus.  I don't like religion.  I don't like putting on a false front so people will admire me or think I am something I am not.  I don't like hypocrisy.  I don't like being automatically prescribed drugs that were invented because it is assumed I won't make decisions to do what needs to be done.    I don't like political correctness.  I don't like being manipulated.  I don't like it when people trap me into what they want me to do by asking strategic questions with only one obvious answer.   I don't like the world system replacing God with its own devises and inventions.  I don't like darkness.   These things are false.  They are not reality. 


    True "reality" is often spiritual in nature. The real essence of a matter is often much more difficult to apprehend than a fact is.  By themselves, your mind or emotion, most of the time, are not enough to see the reality of a matter.   Most "real" things often aren't physical either.  Love, joy, peace, oneness, one accord, integrity, genuineness,  etc. are "real" and are experienced spiritually. 


    Here is some food for those who want to go deeper.  In John 14:6, Jesus said "I am the way, the truth (Gr. Alethiea - also translated "reality"), and the life…"  We may mentally adjust what John actually said to read something like, "I have a way, I have the truth, and I am an energetic person."  This is not what Jesus was saying.  He said I, My Person, Me - Jesus, am the way.  I am not here to have you imitate my ways.  I can come into you to be the way.  I am your reality and I am divine life itself.  If Jesus Christ IS "reality" this means we must constantly be looking for Him in every situation.   If you catch yourself enjoying Him, chances are you have grasped the reality of the situation you are in. 


    What we can see isn't real.  What isn't seen is real.  We must come to embrace reality and in leadership discerning reality is crucial.

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