Virtual Office

Creating Your Virtual Office

The need to be able to work from anywhere and truly have easy access to everything and everyone at work has now become paramount in business. Employees and executives have an incredible amount of responsibility and many times their input is required on many projects across a broad scale. Being able operate from a remote location is incredibly valuable. With a virtual office, you are able to easily access email, voice mail, calendars, invoices, tasks and much more from a remote workplace that can easily be set up anywhere! Learn more!

Voice Over IP

Voice over IP is ready, reliable, and is a cost effective technology we can help you implement. VOIP allows your business an amazing flexibility that was previously very costly to achieve. What is VOIP? Simply put, VOIP is using the internet and your computer network for your voice communications. 

Google Apps

Google Apps is quickly becoming the collaborative cloud platform of choice. Email, calendars, storage and apps all in one, easy to use offering. 

Office365/Hosted Exchange

You can't do business without email now days, and that is why you need a mail server. Whether that server is in house or if you pay for email service, we are the experts. If it hasn't already, as some point it will make sense for you to bring your email in house. A powerful Microsoft Exchange email server allows for the sharing of much more that just email. Shared calendars, email, voting, polling, task, and contacts, put your vital information at your employee's fingertips in a secure way. This prevents the inter-office communication bog downs that cost you precious time and resources.


Microsoft's powerful Sharepoint server goes even further than Exchange to create a secure collaborative intranet. With groups, shared documents, knowledge-bases, calendars, links, blogs and more, a Sharepoint server provides and environment that spurs communications and innovation.